Welcome to ‘Your Dream Job’ – everything you need to know to find and land the job of your dreams!

I’m Jo Banks, I’m an Executive Coach, Author and Leadership Development Trainer.  To date, I’ve had the pleasure of helping over 5,000 people to find and land their dream job through my corporate career management training courses.

Following the success of these courses, I wanted to make the content accessible to everyone, not just corporate clients.  As a result, I designed the Land Your Dream Job Now! book and online programmes.  

They are packed full of tried and tested, easy to use tools and techniques gained from working with thousands of job hunters, recruitment consultants, and internal recruiters/assessors, as well as experience from the thousands of new employees I’ve recruited during my HR career.

YDJ is a foolproof programme that produces exceptional results when followed step by step as described. So, don’t leave your job hunting to chance, using these techniques, you too can find and land Your Dream Job!


Jo Banks,Coach, Author, Entrepreneur


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